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Children's Airway Health

If your child snores and/or breathes through his or her mouth, it could be an indication that they may be experiencing a serious condition known as Sleep Disordered Breathing (SBD). Habitual mouth breathing is never healthy; neither is snoring. It's usually a sign that a child is unable to obtain the amount of oxygen needed to support overall health, growth and development. The nose, a natural filter vital to cleaning environmental air, also serves to warm and humidify inspired air. The production and release of health-promoting nitrogen-oxide (N-O) within the nasal sinuses, is yet another advantage of nose breathing over mouth breathing. When a child is unable to use the nose for normal breathing, they must resort to the mouth. Habitual mouth breathing provides no barrier to toxic air pollution,no production of N-O, nor does it provide for healthy warming and humidification. Additionally, children who habitually breathe through their mouths often experience damage to their jaws and face.

Children's Sleep Apnea

Sleep provides an opportunity for our bodies to mend and repair. Additionally, a child's sleep quality and quantity can affect the way the brain grows, develops and functions. For example, a recent study of over 14,000 infants who snored in infancy, found a majority experienced symptoms of ADD/ADHD by age 7. Unexplained behavior problems, poor grades and tiredness could be attributable to a child's inability to receive adequate oxygen to the brain during sleep. If your child snores or is a mouth breather, you should have him/her evaluated by a qualified medical and dental professional to ensure the presence of a healthy airway. Addressing this condition early in a child's life can prevent a possible medical and/or behavior problem and set the stage for a healthy, productive life.